Yoga With Claire Class Participant Reviews

What do people say?

Excellent! Best money I ever spent. Claire is very kind and patient. A great teacher.
~ Sandy
Worth it
Always looked forward to Monday evenings.
~ Eric
Something to look forward to
This class has given me the tools to lead a more relaxed life.
~ Caitlin
Tools for relaxation
We certainly represented various levels of yoga ability and you were always so sensitive to that and made us newbies feel very safe and not so uncoordinated!
~ Kathy
Newbies fit in
I certainly appreciate your talent as a yoga instructor.
~ Michelle
Talented instructor
I noticed much improvement in my flexibility and my stress levels.
~ Marsha
Improves Flexibility & Stress
I really enjoyed this class. It was great for all levels.
~ Elizabeth
Enjoyed the class
I leave each class feeling stronger and relaxed with a peaceful, tingly feeling in my body.
~ Jenelle
Feel stronger & peaceful
This course has made a tremendous difference in my physical and mental being--a wonderful improvement.
~ Allison
Improvement mentally & physically
Very de-stressing! Quieting! Very helpful! Definitely helps my flexibility and strength (pleasant surprise!) The class was serious and focused, yet playful.
~ Anonymous
Lowers Stress
Thank you for doing this class – yoga has changed so much of my life!
~ Christine
Life changing
I really did enjoy what for me was a gentle way to begin getting my mind and body in sync.
~ Mickey
Synchronicity of Mind & Body
My back was so sore and still when I came this morning that I thought I must have a serious back condition. It now feels great and I do not have any more pain. I drove to the beach and back last weekend and sit most all day most days and get so stiff that I can hardly move without pain. I guess I need to not miss so many classes. I always feel better when I go regularly. THANKS!
~ Judy
Life changing